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Military Design
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1 pair for only $79.99

It comes with 1 Apache 400 Sunglasses, 1 Micro Fiber wipe, and 1 mesh case!


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Save $60 It comes with 2 Apache 400 Sunglasses, 2 Micro Fiber wipes, and 2 mesh cases!


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Save $110 It comes with 3 Apache 400 Sunglasses, 3 Micro Fiber wipes, and 3 mesh cases!


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Save $160 It comes with 4 Apache 400 Sunglasses, 4 Micro Fiber wipes, and 4 mesh cases!


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Save $200 It comes with 5 Apache 400 Sunglasses, 5 Micro Fiber wipes, and 5 mesh cases!


6 pairs for only $239.99

Save $240 It comes with 6 Apache 400 Sunglasses, 6 Micro Fiber wipes, and 6 mesh cases!


Step #2: Select Accessories

Polar Blue Lens for only $29.99/ea

Your sunglasses need blue lenses! You won't find these military blue lenses anywhere else.


Military XL Croakies for only $14.99/ea

Never drop or lose your sunglasses again with these military grade croakies!


EBOOK - How to Survive a Terrorist Attack $49.99

Save $50 Usually $99, this premium eBook could save your life.


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